Accounting Concentration

undergrad business students

A career in accounting will provide you with stimulating and challenging work. You'll gain a strong understanding of how business works and the factors that drive profits for a company. No matter how your career path unfolds, understanding the nuts and bolts of business makes for an excellent foundation. If you have excellent interpersonal communication, analytical, and critical thinking skills, high ethical standards, and attention to detail, accounting could be a wonderful choice for you.

Career Possibilities
Public Accountant Auditing; Tax Planning and Compliance; Personal Financial Planning
Industrial Accounting Controllership; Cost Accounting; Internal Auditing
Governmental  Federal & State Income Tax Agencies; Boards of Equalization; Audit Agencies<

Concentration Requirements

  1. Complete All Pre-Business Requirements.
  2. Complete All Upper-Division Core Business Classes.
  3. Complete Five Courses From the List Below. (Note: Students intending to sit for the CPA exam should take all upper-division accounting courses listed below.) 

Two Required Courses: 

  • BUS 330A Intermediate Accounting (4 units) 
  • BUS 330B Intermediate Accounting (4 units)
    Prerequisite: BUS 330A

Choose Three Additional Courses: 

  • BUS 335  Ethical Reasoning in Accounting (4 units)
    Prerequisite: BUS 330A
  • BUS 430 Advanced Accounting (4 units)
    Prerequisite: BUS 330A and 330B 
  • BUS 433A Individual Taxation (4 units) 
    Prerequisite: BUS 330A
  • BUS 433B Corporation and Estate Taxation (4 units) 
    Prerequisite: BUS 333A
  • BUS 434 Auditing (4 units) 
    Prerequisite: BUS 330A, 330B, and 319
  • BUS 435 Cost Accounting (4 units) 
    Prerequisite: BUS 330A
  • BUS 436 Business Law (4 units) 
  • BUS 437 Governmental Accounting (4 units) 
    Prerequisite: BUS 330A


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