Financial Management Concentration

undergraduate summer orientation

The financial management concentration is a hybrid between the finance concentration and the accounting concentration. The concentration is intended to provide students who are interested in a career in finance with a stronger background in accounting compared to the finance concentration.  The possible career paths for a student with a financial management concentration are the same as those of a finance concentration (see Finance Concentration for details). However, the financial management concentration may better prepare the student for careers such as financial analyst or budget analyst.   

Career Possibilities
Corporate and Public Finance Financial Analysis; Budget Analysis; Financial Services Broker
Banking Loan Officer; Corporate Credit Analysis; Commercial Lending; Mortgage Loans; Cash/Credit Management
Insurance Insurance Underwriter; Claims Analysis; Risk Management; Sales
Personal Financial Planning Financial Advising; Portfolio Management; Sales; Customer Service
Real Estate Residential Brokerage; Appraisals; Property Management; Commercial Sales
Investment Banking Corporate Financial Analysis; Equity and Debt; Retail Bond and Equity Sales
Accounting Financial Reporting; Cost Accounting; Tax Planning 


Concentration Requirements

  1. Complete All Lower-Division Business Major Requirements.
  2. Complete All Upper-Division Core Requirements.
  3. Must complete BUS 370 before taking 400-level Finance courses.
  4. Complete five courses from the list below.

Four Required Courses

  • BUS 330A Intermediate Accounting (4 units) 
  • BUS 435 Cost Accounting (4 units)   
    - Prerequisite: BUS 330A
  • BUS 472 Investments (4 units) 
  • BUS 474 Computer Applications in Finance (4 units)

One Additional Course

  • BUS 330B Intermediate Accounting (4 units) 
    ​- Prerequisite: BUS 330A
  • BUS 377 Financial Institutions or ECON 375 Money and Banking (4 units) 
  • BUS 437 Governmental Accounting (4 units) 
    ​- Prerequisite: BUS 330A
  • BUS 454 Entrepreneurial Finance (4 units)
    Prerequisite: BUS 370
  • BUS 470 Managerial Finance (4 units)  
  • BUS 471 Case Studies in Finance (4 units) 
  • BUS 473 International Finance (4 units)   
  • BUS 476 Risk Management and Insurance (4 units)  
  • BUS 477 Real Estate Finance and Investments (4 units)


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