Student Organizations

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As a current student, it is essential to get involved with one of the clubs offered through the School of Business and Economics. We have seven student-run clubs that are each focused on one of our Business or Economics concentrations.

Three reasons why you should join a club:

  1. Meet students with similar interests and career goals to your own.
  2. Build your professional network with the local community.
  3. Learn about different career paths and opportunities available within your field of interest.

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Accounting Forum

The Accounting Forum is the largest academic club on campus with over 100 dedicated members every semester. The vision of the Accounting Forum is to continue to maximize job opportunities, promote self-development, and cultivate a sense of responsibility and professionalism amongst its members.

Advisor Contact: Joe Standridge

Economics Association

The Economics Association strives to reduce economic illiteracy, urges students to become more aware of current and future worldly concerns, provides an atmosphere that encourages the study of economics, and looks to spur the growth of the SSU Economics Department.

Advisor Contact: Steve Cuellar, Ph.D.

Entrepreneurship Club

The Entrepreneurship Club is designed for students who are interested in learning more about being an entrepreneur, being an innovator, and/or working in a small business. The club is open to all SSU students who are interested in entrepreneurial thinking and innovation.

Advisor Contact: Kirsten Ely, Ph.D.

Finance Club

The Finance Club offers a welcoming and knowledgeable environment in which students can explore various finance job opportunities. The club hosts established guest speakers from the North Bay at many of their club meetings who discuss details about their career paths and give advice to finance students.

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Advisor Contact: Michael Santos, Ph.D.

Management Club

The Management Club is open to all students interested in learning about managerial issues and improving their networking skills. Club members expand their knowledge of the importance of effective management through their guest speaker series. The club recruits professionals from a wide variety of companies in the local community.

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Advisor Contact: Sergio Canavati, Ph.D.

Professional Sales & Marketing Club

The Professional Sales & Marketing Club strives to provide members with a comfortable atmosphere to grow their network, learn about different careers in the field of marketing, and become more involved with SSU and the community. They take field trips to Bay Area businesses and attend networking mixers both on and off campus.

Advisor Contact: Rich Campbell, Ph.D.

Sports Business Club

The Sports Business Club provides internship opportunities with local, Bay Area professional sports teams while exploring the various jobs that are offered in the sports industry. They frequently have guest speakers from professional sports teams attend their weekly meetings.

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Advisory Contact: Rich Campbell, Ph.D.

Wine Sense Club

The Wine Sense Club offers a responsible, fun and educational environment for all levels of wine enthusiasts. Members are given the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the world of wine by attending events that showcase the different aspects of both the local and international wine industry.

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Advisor Contact: Damien Wilson, Ph.D. - Fall 2022