Business Administration Transfer Students

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Welcome Business Transfer Students!

As a new business administration transfer student, your transfer coursework plays a big role in your ability to enroll in upper division major and GE courses here at SSU. Most transfer students will register for classes for their initial semester at SSU prior to their official transfer transcripts arriving at SSU. 

What does that mean to you as an incoming transfer student and how do you ensure your eligibility to enroll in the appropriate courses for your initial semester?

All Business Major transfer students must submit the Transfer Course Evaluation Worksheet (link opens form) along with an unofficial copy of their transfer coursework to the School of Business and Economics (SBE) for review prior to registration for their initial semester. These documents will be evaluated by the SBE to determine the student’s eligibility to enroll in upper division major coursework. 

Important Information for Incoming Transfer Students

Please reference the following deadlines. Submission of Transfer Evaluation Worksheet and attached transcripts by the indicated deadline will ensure your documents are reviewed prior to your registration period. 

  • Fall 2024 Transfers: May 31, 2024
  • Spring 2025 Transfers: TBD
Requirements for Upper-Division Business Courses

As an incoming transfer student, you will need to have completed or be enrolled to complete the following lower division business major requirements in order to be eligible to enroll in the upper division Business Major Requirements:

  • Preparatory Math: Finite (MATH 131) or Calculus (MATH 161)

  • Macroeconomics (ECON 204)

  • Microeconomics (ECON 205)

  • Statistics (BUS 211 or ECON 217 or MATH 165)

  • Legal Environment of Business (BUS 225)

  • Financial Accounting (BUS 230A)

  • Managerial Accounting (BUS 230B)

Equivalent courses from California Community Colleges are identified on the website. 

If you’ve completed the lower division Business Major requirements or are enrolled to complete them and have submitted the Transfer Course Evaluation Worksheet with unofficial transcripts by the indicated deadline, you will be eligible to enroll in the following Business Major Core requirements for your initial semester:

  • BUS 316

  • BUS 319

  • BUS 320

  • BUS 344

  • BUS 360 

  • BUS 370

In addition to the above core business requirements, all Business Majors must also complete a set of 5 courses from their chosen concentration. You can review all major and concentration requirements on our website:

If you will still have one or more of the lower division Business Major requirements left to complete, you will need to enroll in those requirements and upper division GE for your initial semester. An advisor will be able to assist you with the requirements you should focus on during registration.

Sample Two-Year Program for Business Administration Transfer Students

This document lays out a course plan for incoming business administration transfer students.

Click the link below to open the PDF.

Sample two-year program for B.S. in Business Administration *Transfer* Students

Transfer Orientation

All Transfer Students must complete Transfer Orientation in order to enroll in classes for their initial semester. Orientation information is available on the Orientation & Family Programs website. Specific information for Transfer Students is available by clicking on the Transfer Orientation link in the left hand navigation of the page. 

Questions regarding Orientation should be directed to the Orientation & Family Programs Office at or 707-664-4464.

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