Undergraduate Business Degree Programs

Why Study Business?

Your passion may be making videos, designing buildings, or playing basketball. Whatever your skill set and interests, there's a business side to the equation. Think about it: Business is part of the language we use when we talk about the entertainment industry, project financing, and sports marketing. Everything has a "business" side to it, because every industry needs accountants, marketers, managers, financial analysts, and technology support staff — in other words, people who have studied business. 

Why a degree in business or economics from SBE?

At the School of Business and Economics (SBE’s) we educate students with important technical knowledge and bridge them with the SBE’s values to cultivate a purpose-driven core. We envision a future guided by a group of courageous leaders who are ready to reimagine what a healthier world looks like and change the system into one that promotes economic, environmental, and social equity.  

Are curious about how companies build (and keep) a strong brand reputation? Do you see opportunities for business to solve the most challenging problems facing society? Fascinated by the way a natural disaster impacts the cost of smartwatches? Then a degree from Sonoma State University School of Business and Economics is right for you!

What to Expect:

  • We help lay the foundation by providing the technical knowledge of business
  • You explore the values of being purpose-driven by taking a combination of SBE and General Ed courses in subjects, such as, sustainability, critical race studies, and global awareness
  • You will reflect on what you have learned and where you are going 
  • You will then integrate your knowledge and experiences as you begin to move toward professional and civic engagement

Important Dates and Deadlines

Friday, March 17: Deadline for the following forms/processes:

  • Graduation Application Submission               
  • Declaring the Business Major or Minor
  • Change of Concentration
  • Change of Advisor

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Connect with Us: sbe.undergrad@sonoma.edu or 707-664-2377, or come visit us in Stevenson Hall, 2nd Floor Suite 2700.