2021 Seawolf Pitch Competition Participants & Winners

Congratulations to the 2021 Seawolf Pitch Competition winners and thank you to all venture teams and individuals who participated!

2021 Seawolf Pitch Competition
Venture Team Description

Safe Dating


Our venture idea is about a dating app where singles that are looking to meet new people can sign up for a group blind date and meet over Zoom.  It would be like blind dating, but over Zoom or a video chat service to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and also to protect someone who might be worried about meeting in person so soon. 

Brain Book Co.


Brainy Books Co. is an e-commerce website that enables users to buy, sell, or trade their books. On the website you can personalize your page to include a "wish list" of books you are searching for. Money is made through a listing fee to be charged at time of purchase or trade.

Fitness from the Sole

Fitness from the Sole is based on the idea that a pedometer which is a device that counts steps that is located in or on a shoe is more accurate than a traditional smartwatch or phone that tracks this data. With this more accurate data, a user is able to get a better understanding of their fitness goals so far, as well as a better understanding of how much more work they have to complete to achieve them. Partnered with our pedometer design, fitness from the soul plans to support our product with a phone application that allows users to track their data as well as connect with others. In our app, we want to foster a community where people are challenging and pushing each other to achieve their fitness goals. We believe that if we can include a degree of cordial competition, it will allow our users to get the most out of our product.



SommMobile is the online wine retail and on-site wine experience for those who enjoy drinking wine and are curious about what it is they are drinking. The business is a Los Angeles-based startup under sole proprietorship. The SommMobile mission is to provide a source for great wines and answers to wine questions in a fun, friendly, conversational environment. “We bring the Sommelier experience to you.

TKL Nova Masks


We sell face masks that are comfortable, fashionable, and environmentally friendly. These masks come in different colors, sizes, and designs. We also allow customers to submit customized designs for us to print at an additional cost. Our mission is to encourage awareness about the importance of safety, while allowing customers to express their personality and have a good time designing and wearing their masks!

Sonoma Marketing Solutions


Our venture idea is to create a Search Engine Optimization based digital marketing firm. Specializing in assisting small local business with their online presence and ultimately minimize the need for paid advertisement and increase their organic leads. We achieve this through optimizing their websites to best work with the Google search algorithm and increase traffic and ranking value. As well as optimize social media sites and track analytics to create the best strategy to bring more potential customers to their site.

Study Buddy


Our venture idea is an app called Study Buddy. This app would take information out of uploaded syllabuses and create a calendar with reminders about upcoming assignments and study recommendations. Additionally, students can enter their personal events, class schedule, and other obligations and these events will be included in the calendar and the study recommendations and reminders would adjust around them. So, for example, if a student has a test on Monday morning but a busy weekend where they will not have time to study on Saturday or Sunday, their study reminders for those days would be adjusted to Thursday and Friday so that the student remembers to do most of their studying for the test before the weekend. This app would be marketed to schools and universities which would purchase access for their students. 

Clean Sun Power


Our company is called Clean Sun Power. The venture idea is to create a solar panel company that promises customers clean energy and cheaper electricity bills. To produce sales we will travel to customers houses or schedule zoom meetings to inform them. We will also be working with businesses on company buildings to reduce their carbon footprint. With our top of the line solar panels, customer will not regret it.

Heat Keeper Jackets


Heat Keeper Jackets will be a self-heating, environmentally friendly, and fashionable new clothing option for consumers. We saw a gap in the market where customers struggle to buy a good winter jacket that provides both heat and style. Additionally, sustainability is a popular concern, so we decided to invent a new clothing line to fill these needs. We believe that our product will be valuable to consumers because it will allow them to be comfortable as they live in and explore colder environments.  



To help businesses safely reopen during a viral pandemic, we are designing a COVID-19 screening kiosk that is completely touchless. To accomplish this, we will be implementing infrared camera technology merged with a cloud-based QR code questionnaire capable of screening users within seconds, allowing them to enter their worksite with a greater sense of safety. Users would begin by logging into their account to fill out an online questionnaire before arriving at work, preventing the workplace from overcrowding at the entrance while waiting to be screened. If a user responds to a questionnaire indicating probable contact with an infected individual(s) then the website instructs the user to contact their supervisor for further instruction and to self-isolate in the comfort of their own home. If the response to the questionnaire indicates no contact with infected individuals, the user would then proceed to the kiosk and present the QR code generated upon completion of the questionnaire.

Next Day Safe Landscaping


Our new venture idea is a landscaping company that focuses on getting to work on someone's yard as soon as the next day, so that people do not have to wait as long to get there landscaping done. We also use organic weed killers that are safe for pets so that they don't get sick and are able to freely move around in your yard without you having to fear if the chemicals are dangerous for them.