2019 Participants & Winners

Congratulations to the 2019 Seawolf Pitch Competition winners and thank you to all student venture teams and individuals who participated!

2019 Seawolf Pitch Competition
Student Venture Description

Line Mogul

(1st Place, Entrepreneurship Track)

Line Mogul focuses on the untapped market where people frustrated at waiting for their drinks at concerts have the option to pay for the ultimate, no-wait experience at their favorite events. This is a fee-based phone app that would maximize the event-goer’s experience and help event vendors capture their market price, provide quicker transactions, and capture buyer analytics.


(1st Place, Prototype Track)

PocketSight aims to bridge the gap between quiet electric cars and pedestrians with visual impairment. This device is designed to help the user determine whether it is safe to cross the street safely, based on the detection of the speed and distance of the car.


(1st Place, Social Entrepreneurship Track)

EMOTE is a wearable device for remotely tracking and sharing emotions in real-time. EMOTE uses physiological sensors that detect heart rate, muscle tension, and skin conductance, and it uses an algorithm to infer the emotional state of the user, with data transmitted through LTE and securely stored on a mobile application.


(1st Place, Engineering Track)

Power Line Arc Detector (PLAD) is designed to investigate the efficacy of detecting radio frequency interference (RFI) emitted from overhead power lines and combining this data with an automated mapping system via GPS. The basic system design will include three primary components: a radio front end, a processor, and a global positioning system (GPS).

iGot it Repairs

(2nd Place, Entrepreneurship Track)

iGot it Repairs addresses the repair of consumer electronics (iPhones, iPads, MacBooks) at an affordable price, with the service performed by and directed to the benefit of college students. The goal is to take the service to all major universities on the California coast, using trained students at each location.


(2nd Place, Prototype Track)

Bucky::Liner is a two-wheeled rover “bot” which augments and aids the human task of soccer field maintenance by re-application of field lines. Bucky is programmed to see and trace as well as apply new paint to soccer fields to replace the laborious and time-consuming, weekly task of
maintaining soccer fields.

Hemp Construction Materials and Services

(2nd Place, Social Entrepreneurship Track)

Hemp Construction Materials and Services’ mission is to provide California with something it desperately needs: a building material that is fireproof, more resistant to earthquakes, lightweight, and entirely natural. Hemp building materials are carbon negative and air pockets within hempcrete trap moisture, heat, and cold, providing long-term energy savings!

Motion Controlled Robotic Arm 

(2nd Place, Engineering Track)

The “Motion Control Power Glove” for robotic arms is designed for use in aiding and augmenting laborious or manually-challenging tasks where human labor alone may not be able to directly achieve production and results. The “Power Glove” uses a mounted sensor unit connected wirelessly to a robotic arm which will serve various application types including: manufacturing, prosthetics, accessibility, medicine, military, construction, education, research, and emergency/hazard response.

Pho In & Out

(3rd Place, Entrepreneurship Track)

Pho In & Out aims at turning traditional Vietnamese Pho into the fast-food business with the drive-through model.


Vital Signs Monitoring with Radar

(3rd Place, Prototype Track)

Vital Signs Monitoring with Radar uses FMCW radar through wireless technology to record the heart rate and breathing rate of individuals. Vital Signs can be used to track sleeping patterns and also to send out alerts if a problem is detected with an individual’s heart rate or breathing rate.

Smart Animal Trap

(3rd Place, Social Entrepreneurship Track)

Smart Animal Trap is an animal trap which autonomously identifies what’s in the cage and then closes it when the intended animal is in the trap. This system would prevent the trapping of innocent animals that aren’t the targets of the trap.

Laundry Lock

(3rd Place, Engineering Track)

Laundry Lock allows someone to securely leave their laundry and/or linens unattended in public use areas such as dormitories. This creates more leisure time for other activities, with the simplicity of a removable, mobile lock.


(4th Place, Entrepreneurship Track)

The TroutLab device will increase the ability of fish owners to remotely monitor the health and quality of the water in their tanks. The Troutlab technology will gather temperature, ORP, and video data to gather, compile, and display data on a remote site, and it requires minimal setup from the users to view on a phone or computer.


(4th Place, Prototype Track)

Gif-T aims to modernize and energize the fashion industry through innovative production technology that enables us to put multiple images on a t-shirt to create a moving image. We aim to create our product utilizing lenticular printing, providing in-depth imaging on a flat surface in a way that has never been done before.

Plexus Helmet

(4th Place, Social Entrepreneurship Track)

Plexus Helmet is a product that revolves around smart helmet technology.


(4th Place, Engineering Track)

Visionalyze is an artificially intelligent camera which provides the solution of video processing in real time. It allows humans to leverage the benefits of artificial intelligence and machine learning which allows us to securely monitor, analyze, and predict by camera in real time.
Sample Rep Sample Rep is a direct to consumer sales platform which uses peer-consumers to review and promote products after purchasing directly from the manufacturer or vendor through subscription tiers. Our service will help promote brand awareness for small and large businesses through the use of samples and large discounts.
Four Paw Pads Four Paw Pads is a product designed to provide a safe and comfortable area for your animal to be when in the cold.
Gotography Gotography is a one-stop destination for both photographers and consumers needing a photographer for a special event. It connects these two parties on an easy-to-use platform for all parties involved.
Social Advertising Social Advertising revolutionizes online advertising by creating a process for advertisers to send owners of social media accounts -through a website and an app- their ad in exchange for a monetary incentive. This simple process will allow anyone, not only companies, to spread a message to directly to their target audience, as well as everyone in their social circle, for a much lower cost than currently available.
Real Deal Wheelbarrow The idea of the Real Deal Wheelbarrow is to create an easily operated opening in the front of a wheelbarrow, immensely decreasing the angle at which it has to be lifted in order to empty the wheelbarrow’s contents, and adding a leverage system to decrease the strength needed to lift the wheelbarrow.

Plan Your Closet

Plan Your Closet is an app-based service that provides the user with a digital clothing inventory that can be used to plan, coordinate, and document professional business outfits for day-to-day use. The service will reduce pre-work prep time, while integrating the user’s style choices with social media sharing.
B n’ B Share B n’ B Share maximizes vacationers’ ability to enjoy activities and relieve planning stress.
Chef It Up Chef It Up is an app that simplifies cooking and grocery shopping by saving consumers time and money while simultaneously improving a life skill.
SKYNEST SKYNEST offers campers the dream of sleeping in comfort among the trees. Our product is a “hammock-type” way of sleeping for backpackers and campers, and offers multiple ways of sleeping through a flatter surface area, making sleeping more comfortable compared to other hammock styles.