Important Deadlines for Business Administration Majors


October 9 is the Fall 2020 deadline to submit documents and complete all steps associated with:

See the specific instructions below for details about each of these forms.


Change of Status from Pre-Business to Business Administration:


Students completing Pre-Business requirements in Fall 2020 or Winter Session

  1. Download and save the Change of Status workbook to your computer in Excel format. Save using your last name, first name - example: Smith, Bob.
  2. If you completed or are currently taking classes to complete the Pre-Business requirements somewhere other than SSU, please attach a copy/screenshot of your grades and/or enrollment in these classes to your email. This will be submitted as a separate document-example: Smith, Bob_Transcript1
  3. Open the form you just saved and fill it out completely.
  4. Email the Excel file and any transcripts and/or proof of enrollment to

Completing steps 1-4 above will allow you to register for BUS 316, 319, 320*, 344, 360, & 370, but will NOT allow you to register for concentration courses.

*Students who have been accepted as a Pre-Business major prior to Fall 2018 do not need to take BUS 320.

In order to be eligible to register for concentration courses after submitting a Change of Status, you must:

  • Take a screenshot of your final grades at the end of the semester (grades post shortly after the semester or intersession ends.)
  • Email the screenshot to, which initiates the process to change from Pre-Business to Business Administration. Once your Change of Status form is reviewed and approved by the Pre-Business Advisor, you will recieve an email from the Department that your major has been changed to Business Administration with your desired concentration. You will then be able to regiser for concentration courses.


IMPORTANT Registration Information:

Students completing the Change of Status Form will have two registration times.

  1. First is your initial registration appointment as assigned by Admissions & Records. During this time you will be able to register for GE, Minor, or elective courses.
  2. The second registration time is determined by the Department of Business Administration.  Students will be allowed to register for the upper-division BUS core classes (BUS 316, 319, 320*, 344, 360, 370) as follows:      
    • completing Pre-Business requirements in Fall 2020 and are eligible for priority registration (ASI, DSS, Athlete, etc.): Thursday, November 19 at 9:30 AM
    • completing Pre-Business Requirements in Fall 2020 and do not have priority registration: Monday, November 23 at 9:30 AM
    • completing Pre-Business Requirements in Winter Session: Tuesday, November 24 at 9:30 AM

*Students who have been accepted as a Pre-Business major prior to Fall 2018 do not need to take BUS 320

Graduation Application Submission (with your advisor's signature!) 
(Business Administration students planning to graduate in Spring 2021 only)

Business Administration students MUST meet with their Academic Advisor and attain their signature on the Graduation Application before submitting the application to the Undergraduate Office. Failure to do so will prevent students from registering for BUS 491 (Senior Seminar) during their assigned registration appointment.


Essential Links:


    University Deadlines:

    • September 15, 2020: Final filing date for Fall 2020 graduation application to Admissions & Records.