About SBE


In the 1960's an enterprising group of faculty crossed the bridge from San Francisco into Santa Rosa charged with developing a North Bay branch of San Francisco State University. Amid a time of tumultuous change, they challenged the status quo and pioneered a new approach to psychology: a humanistic approach of self-actualization. An approach that broke free from the traditional ivory tower and proclaimed that everyone has the potential for excellence and that through collaboration, individual attention, and respect, anyone's potential can be developed better than the way it had always been done in higher education.

Today we are the next stewards of the School of Business and Economics, inspired by those who have come before us and fueled by an entrepreneurial past that has never lost focus on the individuals involved in the enterprise. 

This is our foundation. Today, amid another tumultuous time with unprecedented challenges and opportunities, we can't help but strive to get better. We're inspired to write our next chapter collaboratively with our community and stakeholders. We are dedicated to our vision of being the catalyst for a thriving North Bay economy with global impact.

With you, we'll bring the unique Sonoma State spirit (nurtured by the special North Bay energy) to the rest of the business world.

Mission, Vision & Values:


The mission of Sonoma State University's School of Business and Economics is to create extraordinary learning experiences for our students, and to advance best business practices in the North Bay and beyond.

We fulfill this mission by:

  • Providing memorable and transformational educational programs for the global business professionals of the future, and for the entrepreneurs and emerging leaders of North Bay enterprises.
  • Being an exemplar of best practice by researching, developing and applying the business tools, methods, and strategies that we teach our students.
  • Producing scholarly work that emphasizes applicability, as well as basic research that expands our contributions to our disciplines and pedagogical research that increases our impact in the classroom.
  • Cultivating success for the global wine industry as a lead business education and research center. 

Sonoma State University's School of Business and Economics is the educational catalyst for a collaborative, thriving North Bay economy and its impact on the global economy.

    Values & Priorities

    As a core constituency of Sonoma State University, the School of Business and Economics supports and affirms the declared values of the university community:

    • Diversity & Social Justice
    • Sustainability & Environmental Inquiry
    • Connectivity and Community Engagement
    • Adaptability and Responsiveness

    In addition, the SBE avows a triple-bottom line perspective for measuring organizational success including: (A) social equity, (B) environmental stewardship, and (C) economic prosperity.

    The School of Business and Economics also operates in alignment with SSU's strategic priorities: 

    • Student Success
    • Academic Excellence and Innovation
    • Leadership Cultivation
    • Transformative Impact


    Languages we speak:

    Indonesian French Russian
    Italian German Polish
    Spanish Portuguese Hindi
    Hmong Korean Telugu

    (Mandarin, Sichuan)
    Thai Tamil



    aacsb_logoAccreditation by AACSB International (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) represents the highest standard of achievement for business schools worldwide. Institutions that earn accreditation confirm their commitment to quality and continuous improvement through a rigorous and comprehensive peer review. In 2007, the SBE's Department of Business Administration achieved initial accreditation, placing its Bachelor of Science and MBA programs among only 15% of all business schools in the world that meet the standards for accreditation.

    As the hallmark of excellence in management education, AACSB International accreditation assures stakeholders that business schools: 

    • Manage resources to achieve a vibrant and relevant mission. 
    • Advance business and management knowledge through faculty scholarship. 
    • Provide high-caliber teaching of quality and current curricula. 
    • Cultivate meaningful interaction between students and qualified faculty. 
    • Produce graduates who have achieved specified learning goals.


    coplac_logoIn 1999, Sonoma State University was invited to join COPLAC (Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges), an organization that permits only one public institution per state. Recognizing the importance of liberal arts and sciences education for success in a complex global society, COPLAC is championing the cause of liberal arts education of superior quality in the public sector. 


    The WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) is recognized as one of seven regional associations that accredit public and private higher education institutions in the United States.