Wine Business Institute Hosts Global Conference of Academy of Wine Business Research July 25 - 28

Education Summit Offers Prelude to Conference Program, Review of Industry Needs Related to Hiring and Retention
June 26, 2017
Academy of Wine Business Research logo

Academy of Wine Business Research logo

Sonoma County, California - The Wine Business Institute (WBI) at Sonoma State University (SSU) today announced that it will host the 10th annual Academy of Wine Business Research (AWBR) conference from July 25 - 28, with program activities taking place on its Rohnert Park campus and throughout Sonoma and Napa counties. AWBR is an international society of academics and scholars with research focus on economic, social, and management issues related to the global wine industry. Confirmed attendees represent academic institutions in Austria, Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, and the United States. WBI has been involved with the annual conference since its founding in 2003, and previously hosted the gathering in 2005.

The 2017 Wine Business Education Summit, designed as a prelude to this year's conference, will assess industry needs related to education, hiring, and employee retention. The half-day Summit features executive directors from California wine and grower associations, human resources executives from the wine industry, and executives from local staffing companies.

A full conference schedule may be viewed here: 

"We're pleased that the international Academy wants to bring its annual conference back to the North Coast and to Sonoma State University. It's a statement of appreciation for California's importance to the global wine industry, and recognition of the Wine Business Institute's leadership role in research and education," Ray Johnson, Executive Director of the Wine Business Institute said. "The wine industry continues to change here and abroad, and we expect both the education summit and conference sessions will offer valuable exchanges, discoveries, and powerful takeaways for industry professionals and academics alike."

"We look forward to welcoming our wine business academic colleagues from around the world, to share and discuss recent research on issues of importance to the global wine industry, including how to build profitable and responsible wine businesses," Dr. Liz Thach, MW, Distinguished Professor of Wine said.

Conference sessions include paper presentations under the headings: "Online Purchases of Wine"; "Managing Uncertainty in the Wine Industry"; "Measuring Market Performance"; "Understanding Wine Purchasing Behavior"; "Supply Chain and Exporting Issues"; "Industry Perspectives on Sustainability"; "Managerial Approaches"; "Sustainability and its Link with Customers"; "Wine Ratings and Raters"; "Wine Industry Trends"; "The Role of Tradition in the Wine Industry"; "Case Study Workshop"; "A Better Understanding of Wine Consumers"; "Marketing of Wine Terroir and Territories"; "Wine Marketing in a Digital Age"; "Wine Tourism"; "Marketing and the Wine Purchase Decision"; "Management Strategy"; "Wine Sales and Trends"; "Wine Marketing in Eastern and Southern Europe"; and "Wine Industry Development and Growth."

Roundtable discussions include, "Wine and Intellectual Property, Implications for Innovation, Legislation, Marketing and Branding"; "Defining and Measuring Performance in the Wine Sector, The Sustainability Factor"; "Wine Tourism Experience, the Role of Heritage and Terroir, and the Differences Between "Old World" and "New World" Wine Regions"; and "How California's Universities and Colleges are Providing the Optimal Workforce to the Local Industry."

The 2017 Wine Business Education Summit will begin with a morning session facilitated by Ray Johnson, WBI Executive Director, including small and large group discussions to inform workplace issues and future wine business programming at the Wine Spectator Learning Center and globally. The program also includes a Wine Industry Colloquium featuring a panel discussion on the topic, "Wine Business Education: Where Do We Go from Here?". Moderator Anisya Fritz, proprietor of Lynmar Estate, will facilitate an exploration with panelists Amelia Ceja, President at Ceja Vineyards; Luke Jencks, President at; Michael Moone, past President at Beringer Wine Estates; and John Williams, President at Frog's Leap Winery.

For more information regarding the 10th annual Academy of Wine Business Research conference, please contact the Conference Administrative Coordinator, Christine MacMillan, at For information regarding the 2017 Wine Business Education Summit, please contact Ray Johnson, WBI Executive Director, at or (707) 664-3071. For information regarding wine business research, programs, and degrees in the School of Business and Economics at SSU, please call (707) 664-3235, email, or visit