MBA Students Capstone Projects

Sonoma MBA students demonstrate their mastery of business through their culminating capstone projects: a business case study or business plan. 

Below, our Global Executive Wine MBA students identify sustainability, technology, and operational solutions for the wine industry. The students addressed issues and needs related to COVID-19 and wine business growth opportunities as part of their spring 2021 capstone course.

Branded Wines & Spirits
The route-to-market, import, and export solution for family-run wineries and new brands in the U.S. and around the globe. BWS's team of seasoned wine professionals will help new and established brands sell their wines in the U.S. market. 

Cloud-based B2B Software Solutions Company
The online platform provides the conduit for alcohol beverage suppliers to access and analyze depletion data from their international distributors. It also provides customer-focused tools to better manage distributor relationships, products, promotions, processes, and profitability for international bases.

Next Right Thing
a full-stop sustainability service company that simplifies the complex system of corporate sustainability, so organizations can keep doing the next right thing for continuous improvement of their business. 

Piquettes Beverage Line
The branded line of piquettes is a low-alcohol wine adjacent beverage that capitalizes on the “no-and-low” wellness trend. In addition, there will be small lot production collaboration projects utilizing open capacity, and pomace, as well as co-branding of established wineries.

Poppin' Sisters
Produces wine infused canned products with local California ingredients with no added fruit juices or artificial flavorings.

A beverage-industry creator and streaming platform offering engagement opportunities for wine professionals, such as guided tastings, educational lectures, or lifestyle-driven events with an interactive chat feature.

Provides sommelier-led online tastings and on-site wine experiences via a mobile sommelier truck.

Spin It Tap House
A space for lovers of beer and wine to enjoy their favorite beverage in a relaxed atmosphere with contemporary and vintage vinyl music, and eventual sommelier-driven virtual tasting experiences.

Vineyard and Winery Expansion Opportunity
The expansion project is focused on differentiating Gelfand Vineyard from the competition by meeting the needs of current Baby Boomer wine club members and expanding to Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z. The growth plan includes a technology-focused approach to customer relationship management and marketing operations, and an emphasis on environmental and sustainability-conscious business practices.

Provides provide upscale products at a modest price while growing in profits, expanding product lines, and promoting wellness and cross-utilization of products. VitaVera utilizes resveratrol extracted from grape skins to produce a line of skin care products to combat the signs of aging.

Enhances the consumer experience by making the wine buying process a breeze while giving wine brands a platform to create visibility for their products.