The Wine Business Institute is the official California partner institution with the Viticulture and Enology Science and Technology Alliance (VESTA) National Center of Excellence.

VESTA Viticulture & Enology Science & Technology Alliance

The VESTA National Center of Excellence, funded by the National Science Foundation, and administered by Missouri State University, is a partnership between 17 universities and two-year colleges across the nation, all with a 21st-century vision for education in grape growing and winemaking.

The goal of VESTA is to establish self-sustaining educational programs which will provide students with a foundation of the science, mathematics and technology skills needed for a productive career in the grape and wine industry. This unique collaboration of universities and community colleges across the nation provides students access to coursework that is delivered online, thereby enabling learning to occur anytime, anywhere. Practical hands-on laboratory and field experiences in local vineyards and wineries are a key component of VESTA!

VESTA students may take viticulture and enology classes from any member institution in the U.S. with complete confidence that course credits can be articulated toward a future viticulture or enology Associate of Applied Science degree. Students can register for viticulture and enology coursework directly with VESTA. We encourage California residents to contact Sonoma State University for discussion of your academic goals.

To learn more about VESTA programs and resources in California, please contact us at (707) 664-3347 or

For more information about VESTA national programs and resources visit VESTA's website, email, or call 417-836-8967.

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