Tony Magee

Entrepreneur in Residence

Tony Magee Lagunitas
Tony Magee


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Tony Magee is Founder and Executive Chairman of The Lagunitas Brewing. Anything beyond that is pure speculation. Lagunitas’ flagship, LAGUNITAS IPA, first brewed in 1995, is the best-selling IPA in the world. Probably. The recipe was conceived during vespers under the tutelage of Dr’s Petuchnik and Splam at the Conservatoire de Putalinguini in the Islets of Langerhans. A Brewing operation was founded in 1993 on a kitchen stove and now straddles a continent similar to North America. Lagunitas shipped approximately 950,000 barrels in 2018 and projects shipments of over 50,000,000 barrels by 2073.