Wine Business Data Analytics Certificate

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Program Overview:

The advantages of using data analytics is to make important decisions to expand operations.

Learn how to evaluate and optimize winery data and make data-driven decisions with confidence. The certificate program focuses on wine industry case studies with the ability to transfer your new skills to other industries. The Data Analytics Certificate for Wine Business is a program that consists of two 4-week courses. Courses may also be taken individually. 

Who Should Enroll:

  • Managers and leaders who wish to learn how data analytics can help improve their decision-making processes. 
  • Wine industry professionals looking to develop a more data-driven mindset. 
  • Wine Industry professionals looking to excel in your current role and lead your team to success. 
  • Consultants looking to expand their services to the wine industry.  
  • Professionals comfortable with using excel.

Prerequisites: Comfortable in Excel

Current Course Schedule:

Class Dates Live Classes Instructor Fee Registration Deadline
Foundation:  Introduction to Wine Business Data Analytics Oct 2023


6:00pm - 7:00pm PST

Peter Drewes


Advanced: Data Visualization



6:00pm to 7:00pm PST

Peter Drewes




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Dr. Drewes is a wine importer / Distributor in the Ft Worth Texas market focusing on Italian and French wineries. His background is in artificial intelligence and analytics with a PhD from UCF and MBA from Texas A&M Commerce.  In addition to the wine business, he performs analytical studies for the sustainment of aviation industry products, balancing investment strategies, performance metrics and business outcomes. 


Registration is done in partnership with the School of Extended and International Education.



Wine Business Data Analytics Course Descriptions
Introduction to Wine Business Data Analytics

The goal of this course will be to step through the concepts and basic math behind various problems within the wine industry using examples and problems that are relevant to the operation, distribution and sales problems faced by stakeholders in the wine industry. The course is focused to provide a deeper understanding of mathematics, while the applications utilize built in Microsoft Excel functions to solve the problems.Topics to include, Introduction to modeling and Decision analytics, Regression Analysis, Time Series Forecasting, Linear Modeling, & Correlation.

Data Visualization


This course is all about data visualization, the art and science of turning data into readable graphics. We’ll explore how to design and create data visualizations based on data available and tasks to be achieved. This process includes data modeling, data processing (such as aggregation and filtering), mapping data attributes to graphical attributes, and strategic visual encoding based on known properties of visual perception as well as the task(s) at hand. Students will also learn to evaluate the effectiveness of visualization designs, and think critically about each design decision, such as choice of color and choice of visual encoding. Students will create their own data visualizations, and learn to use Open Source data visualization tools, especially D3.js. Students will also read papers from the current and past visualization literature and create video presentations of their findings.

Course Objectives

  • Develop skills to both design and critique visualizations
  • Understand why visualization is an important part of data analysis
  • Understand the components involved in visualization design
  • Understand the type of data impacts the type of visualization