Purpose-Driven MBA

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What is a Purpose-Driven MBA?

The Purpose-Driven MBA is designed to have working professionals meet the needs of purpose-driven businesses. A purpose-driven business engages in various business practices to ensure they have a positive impact on the world, including getting a B-corp certification, having a C-suite officer focused on purpose-driven practices (e.g. Chief Sustainability Officer), measuring their social and environmental impact, modifying their supply-chain practices to be more sustainable, aiming for zero impact, and investing a portion of their revenue in social or environmental projects.

To meet the needs of a purpose-driven business, the curriculum has been designed around three main business priorities; Data-Driven Decision Making, Sustainability, and Leadership plus Innovation. The following courses will be offered in addition to our traditional MBA courses, Introduction to Purpose-Driven Business, Leadership and Innovation, Sustainable Business Management, Social Entrepreneurship in Theory and Practice and Sustainable Operations Management.

Who Should Enroll:

Working professionals with two or more years of work experience.



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Program Start Date Registration Deadline
Sonoma Purpose-Driven MBA August 2024

Oct. 1st 2023 to April 30th 2024