Growing Leaders Campaign











We invite you to participate in a contest to create a video that illustrates our new mission from your point of view. We will showcase winning videos on our website and social media channels to advertise the school and build our brand. Be creative, courageous and inspirational. Prizes include 1st place: $1000, 2nd & 3rd place: $500, and other fun prizes.






  • Upload your video (or the link) by December 1st 12am PT to:

  • Videos may be submitted by individuals or teams.

  • Video contributors should be a current SSU student.

  • Videos should be no longer than 60 seconds in duration.

  • Entries must be suitable for display to a general audience with respect to language, visual content, and presentation.

  • Entering the contest automatically provides SBE the right to display the video online and/or in any public or private settings without restriction.

  • Any copyrighted material reused (eg. audio or images) should be suitably attributed.

  • Video submissions must include names of all participants.




Our Mission: Growing Leaders who are Courageous, Curious, and Kind. Who change the world through Data Insight, Entrepreneurship, and Purpose-Driven Business. In the fields of Wine Business, Accounting, Economics/Analytics, Finance, Management, and Marketing. 




Our Strategic Priorities: 1. Student Focus 2. Impact 3. Inclusive Excellence