Special Business Concentration

undergraduate summer orientation

The special concentration is intended for students in one of the two following categories: 

Category 1: The special concentration is for those students who wish to have a "general" B.S. degree in Business Administration. To complete this concentration a student must, with the approval of a faculty advisor, select five business courses from at least two areas of concentration. Two of the five courses would normally be chosen from among those listed as required within the various concentrations.

Category 2: The special concentration is for those students who wish to design a concentration in an area not covered sufficiently within the department. With the approval of the department chair, these students use courses outside of the department to satisfy their special Business Administration degree. To complete this concentration, five courses, at least 3 units each, should be selected with approval from an advisor and the chair.

Three reasons to choose a special concentration:

  1. Create a concentration that is custom to your specific career goals.
  2. Acquire a unique skill set that is specific to your desired field of interest.
  3. Focus on topics that are typically not included in the Business Administration curriculum.

Special Concentration Requirements

  1. Complete All Pre-Business Requirements.
  2. Complete Six Upper-Division Core Business Classes.
  3. Complete Five Courses.


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