Tom Atkin, Ph.D.

Professor, Management & Wine Business

Tom Atkin, Ph.D.


(707) 664-3333
  • Michigan State University - Ph.D. 
    • Major- Operations and Sourcing Management
    • Minor- Marketing
  • Michigan State University - Master of Business Administration
    • Major: HRIM
  • Michigan State University - Bachelor of Arts
    • Major- Political Science
Academic Interests
  • Wine storage and transport benchmarking
  • Sustainability business practices
  • Consumer preferences and decision making in wine
  • Customer-supplier relationships
  • Conjunctive Labeling in Wine
  • Marketing Wine Appellations

Thomas Atkin is Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management at Sonoma State University where he teaches in the Wine Business Program.  He received his PhD in Supply Chain Management from Michigan State University in 2001.  His research interests include customer-supplier relationships, sustainable business practice, storage and transport benchmarking, and wine consumer preferences. He has published in International Journal of Wine Business Research, Negotiation Journal, and Journal of Business Logistics, Journal of Wine Research, and Journal of Food Products Marketing.  Thomas Atkin can be contacted at:

Selected Publications & Presentations
  • Atkin, T.S., Wilson, D., Thach, L, & Olsen, J. (2017). Analyzing the impact of conjunctive labeling as part of a regional branding strategy. Wine Economics and Policy,
  • Atkin, T.S., & Johnson, R. (2010). Appellation as an indicator of quality. International Journal of Wine Business Research. 22(1), 42-61.
  • Gilinsky, A., Newton, S.K., Atkin, T.S., Santini, C., & Cavicchi, A. (2015). Perceived efficacy of sustainability strategies in the United States, Italian, and Spanish wine industries: A comparative study. International Journal of Wine Business Research. 27(3).
  • Olsen, J., Atkin, T.S., Thach, L., & Cuellar, S. (2015). Variety seeking by wine consumers in the southern states of the US. International Journal of Wine Business Research. 27(4), 260-280. Outstanding Paper in the 2016 Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence.
  • Atkin, T.S. & Dove, D. (2013). The great cork debate 2012: Cork stages a comeback. Case Studies in Wine Business Management, The Wine Appreciation Guild, San Francisco, CA.
  • Thach, L., Cuellar, S., Olsen, J., & Atkin, T.S. (2013). The impact of wine franchise law on consumers. International Journal of Wine Business Research. 25(2), 138-158.
  • Atkin, T.S. & Gurney, N. (2013). Protecting quality of wine exported to China: Barriers and bridges. Journal of International Food and Agribusiness Marketing. 25(2), 171-186.
  • Atkin, T.S. & Thach, L. (2012). Millennial wine consumers: Risk perception and information search. International Journal of Wine Economics and Policy. 1(1), 54-62.
  • Atkin, T.S., Gilinsky, A. & Newton, S.K. (2012). Environmental strategy: Does it lead to competitive advantage in the US wine industry? International Journal of Wine Business Research. 24(2), 115-133.
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  • Sutanonpaiboon, J. & Atkin, T.S. (2012). Using region to market to international customers. Journal of Food Products Marketing. 18(1), Jan-Feb, 1-18.


  • Quality in Online Learning and Teaching (QOLT), Local Award