Julien Cadot, Ph.D.

Lecturer, Global Executive MBA in Wine Business | Head of Finance and Economics Department, Institut Supérieur de Gestion (Higher Institute of Management) Paris, France

Julien Cadot, Ph.D.

Dr. Julien Cadot will be teaching the first and fourth sessions in the Hybrid Executive MBA in Wine Business program during the fall 2018 online case-based learning component and the Spring 2019 ten-day leadership intensive in France.

Since 2009, He has been the head of the Finance and Economics Department at the Institut Supérieur de Gestion, a business school based in Paris. 

Dr. Cadot's research specialty is corporate governance with an interest in agri-food cooperatives and entrepreneurship. Some of his recent publications include: 

  • Facts and figures: The effects of vertical integration on income and financial performance in French viticulture
  • The Horizon Problem in Bordeaux Wine Cooperatives, Agency Costs of Vertical Integration - The Case of Family Firms, Investor-Owned Firms, and Cooperatives in the French Wine Industry
  • Financial Constraints and Hierarchical Financing Order of Agribusinesses: A Survey Data Approach
  • Banking contract and monitoring: the case of the viticulture installation. 

He received his Doctorate in Management Science. Dr. Cadot received his master's degree in agro-economy from the Montpellier SupAgro. 

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