Florence Bouvet, Ph.D.

Professor, Economics

Florence Bouvet, Ph.D.


(707) 664-3074


Stevenson 2801
  • University of California, Davis - Ph.D. in Economics
    • Thesis Title: “Essays on European Union Regional Policy”
  • University of California, Davis - M.A. in Economics
  • Institut d’Etudes Politiques / Political Science Institute (Paris, France) - M.A. in Public Affairs
  • Institut d’Etudes Politiques / Political Science Institute (Paris, France) - B.A. in Economics and Political Science
Academic Interests
  • European economic integration
  • Income inequality
  • Economic voting
  • Attitudes towards globalization

Florence Bouvet is a Professor in Economics at the Sonoma State University.  Originally from France, she received her BA and MA from the Political Science Institute of Paris (Science-Po) and her PhD in Economics from the University of California, Davis. Her research interests are in the areas of European economic integration, economic inequality, economic voting, and international economics.

Dr. Bouvet is currently the co-chair of the Economic Interest Section of the European Studies Association.

Selected Publications & Presentations
  • Bouvet, F., Ma, A., & Assche, A.V. (2017). Tariff and exchange rate pass-through for Chinese exports: A firm-level analysis across customs regimes.China Economic Review, 46C, pp. 87-96.
  • Bouvet, F. & King. S. (March 2016). Income inequality and election outcomes in OECD countries:  New evidence following the Great Recession of 2008-2009. Electoral Studies, Volume 41, pp. 70–79.
  • Bouvet, F., Aysun, U., & Hofler, R. (February 2014). An alternative measure of structural unemployment in the U.S.: A stochastic frontier analysis. Economic Modelling, Volume 38, pp. 592–603.
  • Bouvet, F. & Kim. C. (2014). Are U.S. imports really hurting U.S. households?: An analysis of the relationship between U.S. households’ consumption and U.S. imports. Global Business and Economics Review, 6(2).
  • Bouvet, F. , King. S., & Brady, R. (2013). Debt contagion in Europe: A Panel-Vector Autoregressive (VAR) Analysis. Social Science, 2(4), pp. 318-340.
  • Bouvet, F., & King. S. (March 2013). Do National Economic Shocks Influence ECB Interest-Rate Decisions?  The Impact of the Financial and Sovereign Debt Crises. Journal of Common Market Studies, 51(2), pp. 212–231.
  • Bouvet, F. (2012). The beveridge curve in Europe: New evidence using national and regional data. Applied Economics, Volume 44, pp. 3585-3608.
  • Bouvet, F. & King. S. (November 2011). Interest-rate setting at the ECB following the financial and sovereign debt crises, in real-time. Modern Economy. http://www.SciRP.org/journal/me
  • Bouet, F. & Ma, A. (2011). Wage disparities in China: An analysis by firm-types. Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies, 9(3).
  • Bouvet, F. (2011). What does greater economic integration mean for regional income inequality?: An analysis of OECD countries and regions”, Région et Développement, n° 33-2011, pp. 39-58.
  • Bouvet, F. (2010). EMU and the dynamics of regional per capita income inequality in Europe. Journal of Economic Inequality, 8(3), pp. 323-344.
  • Bouvet, F. & Dall'erba, S. (June 2010). European regional structural funds: How large is the influence of politics on the allocation process? Journal of Common Market Studies. 48(3).