SBE Dean Message Regarding COVID-19

Dear Members of the School of Business and Economics Community,

You don’t need me to tell you that these are difficult and unprecedented times.  Rather I do want to reach out to three distinct groups of important people in our community to share with you what is going on and how we are positioned to be with you through the challenges associated with the coronavirus pandemic.

First, to our current students, knowing that virtually every other college and school of business and economics is facing many of the same disruptions and uncertainties as you are is not much comfort. What should be comforting is to know that no matter how challenging or unusual the path on which you have embarked becomes as a function of the coronavirus we are on that path with you.  No matter if courses have to be offered via remote learning methods.  No matter if syllabi need to be adapted to serve a set of different conditions than those we faced mere days ago.  No matter that every day brings new concerns and possibly new constraints.  Continuing your education with us in the SBE is a partnership.  You can count on your partners in the faculty, those in the staff and those in school leadership to remain focused on you and your needs.

Next, to our faculty, staff, alumni, external stakeholders and friends, be assured that while none of us has experience in how to continue our world-class educational enterprise under circumstances like those we now face, I do have some relevant, similar experience.  I had just joined Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University as the founding dean of the College of Business in Daytona Beach mere months before the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.  No one had any way of knowing what was to come when the new normal would emerge and what it would look like. What I knew then is what I know now.  Every one of us is dedicated to the mission of the SBE and to the success of our students.  It is this fact that I believe will empower us not only to get through this unprecedented situation but emerge on the other side even stronger and more agile.  As much anxiety as the present causes all of us, I know that our future still is in our hands and that it is full of bright possibility.  And I know you can count on me to do my part and I know I speak for dean elect Coget when I say that you can count on him.

Finally, to our prospective students whether first year, transfer or graduate, the SBE at SSU is more than a beautiful campus, though it surely is that.  It is more than a community of scholars eager to welcome you on your educational journey, though it surely is that.  It is more than classrooms and remote learning opportunities, though it surely is that.  It, WE, are people who love what we do, can’t wait to teach and learn from and with you, promise to challenge you and put your welfare first.  We are the SBE and everyone who joins us matters because everyone who joins us changes us in positive ways and is changed in return.  After all who can answer the call of higher education whether as a student, faculty member, staff member or stakeholder without seeing the bright future?  Please join this special group of people—the SBE.

Be well,

daniel petreeDan Petree
Dean, School of Business and Economics
Sonoma State University



For more information regarding COVID-19, please visit the SSU COVID-19 Information Site