Sonoma Executive MBA

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A leadership-focused program for positive professional and community impact.

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Sonoma Executive MBA

  • Eighteen months.
  • Offers a transformative experience that incorporates integrated leadership development and strategic thinking.
  • Equips students with the skills necessary to analyze business situations, chart and execute strategic initiatives.
  • You will learn strategic decision-making, business intelligence, and communication skills. 

*Our pursuit of academic excellence continues as we adjust to the evolving situation due to COVID-19. Program schedule, activities, locations and delivery modes are subject to change.


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Leadership & Experiential Learning

There are three experiential learning modules included in this program.

  1. The first begins with a two-day intensive where students eMBArk on their journey of leadership development. The leadership track includes an additional off-site intensive where students further develop their capacity to work in teams.
  2. The Innovation, Design and Technology Leadership course offers an immersive workshop where students learn the art of design and innovation.
  3. The third experiential learning module is an international study tour where students are introduced to new cultures, visit international business facilities, and meet with senior management and industry specialists to discuss relevant topics. 

Sonoma Executive MBA program at a glance.
Launches every spring.

  Strategic Thinking
Module 1
Strategic Management
Module 2
The Business Matrix
Module 3
Leading Organizations
Module 4
Eight Weeks
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Leading Sustainable Enterprises
  • Leadership Intelligence
  • Operations & Supply Chain Strategies
  • Talent Management
  • Leadership Northbay
  • Global Business Environment
  • Business Plan
Eight Weeks
  • Financial Markets & Business Strategy
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Innovation, Design & Technology Leadership
  • Strategy in Practice
  • Research in Strategic Planning (Online)
  • Leading Change in Organizations
Field Trip
  • Experiential Leadership
    Sailing Excursion
  • International
    Study Tour


Program Learning Objectives

  • Plan and execute business decisions and strategies
  • Develop leadership skills in self and others
  • Understand ethical issues and problems from a leader’s perspective
  • Manage in an ever-changing global environment

*Degree conferred is a Master of Business Administration