Janeen Olsen, Ph.D.

Professor, Marketing & Wine Business

(707) 484-8434
Wine Spectator Learning Center, Suite 1016
  • University of Utah - Ph.D. in Marketing
    • Major Fields:  International Marketing Channels, Marketing Research
    • Minor Field:  Econometrics
  • University of Utah - MBA
  • University of Utah - Bachelor of Arts in Spanish          
Academic Interests
  • Wine Business
  • International Business
  • Consumer Behavior

Dr. Janeen Olsen holds the position of Professor of Marketing at Sonoma State University (SSU) where she specializes in Wine Marketing, International Marketing, and Marketing Management. She has published extensively in marketing and international business journals and presented papers at conferences in Europe, Asia, Latin America as well as the US. Before joining the faculty at SSU she was an Associate Professor of Marketing at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge and was an adjunct professor at Tulane University in New Orleans. At the time she left LSU, Dr. Olsen held the position of William A. Copeland Endowed Professor of Business Administration. During her career she has been responsible for teaching courses in international marketing, marketing management, marketing research and wine marketing, and for developing international exchanges and educational programs. She has also conducted export seminars for business executives in many Latin American cities and has organized and led wine industry tours of Chile for the Wine Business Program at SSU.

Selected Publications & Presentations
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  • “Wine and health perceptions: Exploring the impact of gender, age and ethnicity on consumer perceptions of wine and health”, Chang, K. J., Thach, L. and Olsen, J., 2016 Wine Economics and Policy, Vol. 5, No. 2, 105-113.
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